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The Latest On Construction

What Are Some Methods Of Commercial Demolition?

by Robert Larson

Demolition of a commercial building often has to happen before something new can go up on that site. Different methods of demolition can be used to bring down a building. The method that gets used depends on many things, including how tall the building is, its footprint, and where it is located. So, what are the different methods of demolition that could be used on any construction site?

Manual Demolition

One method is manual demolition. This method isn't all that practical for most commercial sites because it involves people going into the building with tools and tearing it down. If there are parts of the building that can be saved and reused, then doing some manual demolition can make sense because the workers can go in and get those things out without damaging them, and then other methods can be used. 

Mechanical Demolition

This demolition method uses heavy construction equipment to bring down the building. It can be done with cranes and wrecking balls, excavators, bulldozers, or some combination thereof. It involves the machinery applying blunt force to the building and knocking it over. Generally, this method is used on smaller commercial buildings because the building has to come down safely, which means not just knocking the bottom of the building out because that would bring things down in an unplanned and uncontrolled manner. That wouldn't be safe for anyone involved. 

Implosive/Explosive Demolition

When a building is imploded, it falls within its own footprint, collapsing in on itself. When a building is exploded, everything goes out from the explosion. These methods are two sides of the same coin. They both use explosives; the only difference is how they are placed and the final goal. This method is fairly efficient. It does the demolition very quickly, even though the setup can take a few days or weeks before the explosives are used. A lot of math goes into this kind of demolition because the explosives have to be placed at very specific points so that the building is brought down safely. The building will also have to be weakened at strategic points. 

Demolishing existing structures makes it possible for new buildings to go up. There are different methods of demolition. They are all useful when used correctly and in the right situation. The size of the commercial building that needs to be taken down will partly determine which method the demolition company will use to bring it down. 

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