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The Latest On Construction

Solutions Commercial Roofing Contractors Offer To Repair Damaged Tile Roofs

by Robert Larson

The installation and maintenance of a tile roof is an important part of any commercial property owner improvement plan. Tile roofs are a popular choice because they last longer and offer excellent protection from the elements. However, despite their longevity, they can still suffer damage over time due to heavy rain or other environmental pressures. When damage occurs, it's important to repair it as soon as possible to avoid further structural problems and leaking. This article takes an in-depth look at how experienced commercial roofing contractors go about repairing damaged tile roofs.

Assessing Damage

A professional contractor will begin by assessing the extent of the damage that has been done to the tile roof. They will inspect for broken tiles, cracks, chips, and missing mortar. Next, they will assess the condition of the underlying wood structure and surrounding areas to ensure that there is no other damage that needs to be addressed. A professional assessment can help customize suitable repair solutions that protect your commercial property. 

Removing Damaged Tile

Once the assessment has been completed, the roofer can begin the repair process by removing any broken tiles that need to be replaced. The roofer will use a specialized tool to carefully remove these tiles without damaging existing ones. In addition, they may need to remove any mortar from around affected areas to prepare for new tile installation.

New Tile Installation

Once all of the damaged material has been removed, it's time for the roofer to begin preparing for new tile installation. This includes laying down a thick layer of roofing felt and waterproof underlayment to protect the underlying wood structure. After this has been done, the roofer will begin cutting and fitting new tiles into place. The roofer will carefully measure, cut, and fit each tile into place before securing it with mortar or adhesive.

Fitting New Flashings

Flashings are strips of metal that form a protective barrier around areas of vulnerable parts of a roof's structure such as skylights or chimneys. If these have become damaged, then it is necessary for roofers to remove the damaged flashings and replace them with new ones. The process can involve cutting through the existing tiles which have been laid onto the roof in order to create a space for the new flashing. Once this has been done, they will need to be fitted securely into place using appropriate adhesives and sealants.

Repairing a damaged tile roof doesn't have to be complicated or expensive if it's done right. With the help of experienced roofers, you can ensure that your roof is repaired quickly and effectively, while also avoiding costly damage in the future. Contact a local commercial roofing contractor to schedule tile roof repair services.