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The Latest On Construction

The Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Senior Living Facility

by Robert Larson

If you're planning on building a senior living facility, there are a lot of bells and whistles to consider. From selecting the right contractor and getting the necessary permits to choosing flooring and furniture, there's no shortage of things to consider.

This article breaks down the steps you need to take to plan out your construction project. Read on for more information. 

Step 1: Hire the Right Contractor

The first step in any construction project is hiring the right contractor. This can be tricky, as there are many variables to consider — cost, experience, and reputation — but it's worth taking your time and doing your research.

Many contractors will charge a fee for an initial consultation, but this is the best way to get a feel for their qualifications and expertise. Ask questions about their experience with senior living construction projects, and ensure you're comfortable with the answers.

The contractor will work with you to develop a bill of materials and timeline for the project. This document will detail all of the costs associated with construction and the estimated length of time it'll take to complete the project.

Step 2: Get the Necessary Permits

Once you've hired the right contractor, it's time to get all the necessary permits for your project. Depending on where you live, this could involve several different government agencies — local zoning boards or state building departments are just two examples — so make sure your contractor knows exactly what needs to be done here and how long it should take.

The permits aim to protect you and any potential residents of your facility, so it's important to carefully follow the instructions you get from the permitting agencies. This includes meeting all of the fire and safety requirements set in place and obtaining any necessary environmental clearances.

Step 3: Finalize the Design and Layout

Now that your contractor has all the necessary permits, it's time to finalize the design and layout of your facility. This is where you get to put your personal touch on the project — you get to decide what furnishings and amenities will be included, as well as what flooring and walls will look like.

Your contractor will typically have suggestions for you, so listening to their advice here is important. They understand the best materials for the job and how to make sure that your facility is comfortable and safe for its future residents.

Keep in mind that senior living facilities require specialized design elements — for example, you'll need to make sure your hallways and doorways will be wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers — so make sure that you take these into account when making your decisions.

You also want to make sure that the facility will be aesthetically pleasing and inviting for an older population. Include elements such as low-maintenance landscaping and comfortable social areas in your design. 

Reach out to a local contractor to learn more about senior living facility construction.