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The Latest On Construction

When To Hire An Excavation Service To Help Remove Or Adjust The Land On Your Property

by Robert Larson

When you need to move some material around and place precision holes or grades on a piece of land, you need an excavation contractor with the right equipment to do the job. The contractor may use many different machines to move dirt, sand, gravel, or large rocks and trees if necessary, and prepare the property for construction, farming, or other uses.

Clearing Land

Excavation contractors often offer services that include land clearing to help you prepare an area for whatever project you are doing on it. If the land is wooded and rocky, the contractor and crew will remove trees you don't want, and dig up stumps and boulders that will be in the way.

Large equipment like bulldozers, track excavators, and skid steer loaders are typical for this type of work, and enable the contractor to quickly clear the area so you can begin construction or development of the land. If there are materials that need removing from the site, the excavation contractor may have trucks to handle the job or they can coordinate with a trucking company to remove the material and dump it legally. 

While you can hire a logger to remove trees and vegetation from the site, they often will not remove all the stumps or may hire an excavation contractor to remove them once the tree cutting is complete. Your general contractor can also coordinate clearing the land and bringing machines in for different purposes, allowing you to deal with planning and property design. 

Grading And Digging

The land you will build on may need leveling before construction begins. The excavation contractor can quickly level or grade the area that you are using and dig the hole for your foundation or basement while they are there. 

If there are obstacles in the way, the contractor can use the machines and equipment they have on-site and remove many things for you. Large sections of rock may require a jackhammer on the end of an excavator to break the rock up before hauling it away, and areas that are overly soft may require some materials to be added and compacted with a heavy bulldozer or other machines.

The work of the excavation contractor involves both adding and removing soil, rocks, and gravel, but is not limited to just those things. Sometimes the contractor can help build a road into a property, clean out a stream or pond, and work with landscapers to move and place heavy objects like boulders being relocated into the hardscape.

If you are hiring an excavation contractor for your project, you can discuss tasks with them that you need to be completed, and the contractor will let you know if they can do the tasks with the equipment they have on the site.  

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