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The Latest On Construction

3 Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Your Spray Foam Roof

by Robert Larson

When it comes to protecting your commercial assets against the elements, your building's roof plays a vital role. Having quality commercial roofing is essential to the energy efficiency and comfort of your building as well.

More and more commercial property owners are choosing spray foam roofing as a replacement option.

Since cost is the one factor that many property owners worry about most when it comes to installing a new roof, it can be beneficial to learn about the various factors that can affect the total cost of a spray foam roof for your commercial building.

1. Roof Size

One of the major factors that can affect the total cost of a new spray foam roof is the size of your building's roof. The more area there is to cover, the more expensive your new roof will be.

Since most commercial roofs are flat, you can calculate the square footage of your roof by multiplying the width of the building by the length of the building.

Commercial roofing contractors will typically provide a per-square-foot price when estimating the cost of a new roof. You will be able to use this unit price and your calculated roof area to gain a rough idea of how much a new spray foam roof will cost you.

2. Labor

The amount of labor required to complete your roof installation will also impact the total cost of a new spray foam roof. Basic labor costs are often included in the per-square-foot estimate provided by roofing contractors.

If your roof is particularly dirty and will require a lot of debris removal prior to installation, your contractor may charge additional labor fees for this service.

You will also have the option to install spray foam roofing over the top of your existing roofing materials, or remove the existing roofing materials and start fresh. More labor will be required to remove your old roof prior to installation, and you should expect additional labor charges on your final bill.

3. Trash Removal

In the event that you do decide to have your old roofing materials removed, these materials will need to be disposed of properly. Your roofing contractor can handle the collection and disposal of old roofing materials, but you will incur a trash removal fee on your bill.

Even with this additional fee, a spray foam roofing system is still one of the most affordable options for commercial property owners. For more information on commercial spray foam roofing, contact a professional near you.