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The Latest On Construction

What To Know About Line Design And Corridor Sharing

by Robert Larson

Line design is important as it relates to the transmission and distribution of electrical power. Sometimes the simplest way to add or upgrade lines in rural areas is to share an existing corridor. Corridor sharing is when a line follows an existing right of way like a railroad, gas or oil pipeline, rural road, or other existing power lines.

Superior line design can overcome many drawbacks common when transmission and distribution lines must share a corridor. Read on to discover more about the advantages that a good line design offers when corridor sharing.


Lines that follow railroads can face certain challenges. Good line design is able to lower the number of access roads that must be in place to bridge a track when there are very long distances between road crossings. This practice helps cut down on additional road construction.

Railroads that cut through wetlands usually have berms to help keep water or wet soil away and to stabilize the track. Sometimes these berms are not wide enough to accommodate power line structures. Good line design helps lessen the necessity of further corridor widening as well as limits any threats to the nearby wetland environment.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Oil and gas utility pipelines have a very low visual impact, especially when they rest below ground. Power lines that follow pipelines do not interfere with agricultural use of the land, but their construction and maintenance can if line design is poorly done or outdated. For example, construction machinery can affect crop quality when they inadvertently mix, erode, or compact topsoil.

Good line design helps minimize the impact that corridor sharing can have on nearby agriculture.

Rural Roads

Extensive tree trimming or removal is necessary along rural roads with heavy canopies in order to add new lines. Tree canopies should not encroach upon transmission lines. Good line design near tree-lined rural roads helps to mitigate tree loss that impacts shade, scenic views, and homes for wildlife.

Some rural roads cut through private property and do not provide enough space for corridor sharing. In these cases, property owners must agree to give up land in order to allow additional space for line structures. Better line design helps ensure property owners retain better access to their property.

Better integrated line design in rural areas where corridor sharing is advantageous helps decrease the impact on land use, wildlife, and the environment.

To learn more, contact a line design service in your area.