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The Latest On Construction

3 Ways Hotshot Truckers Help Support Large Construction Projects

by Robert Larson

Any construction site relies on timely and accurate deliveries, and large projects often need to utilize a variety of carriers to get what they need when they need it. At first glance, hotshot trucking may not seem like a good fit. Since many construction projects work on tight deadlines, deliveries must be planned days, weeks, or even months in advance.

However, hotshot loads are often critical to keeping projects on track and within budget. If you think the big freight lines are the only ones supporting large construction projects, check out these three ways that hotshot loads can support even the largest building sites.

1. Rapid Equipment Delivery

Getting equipment on-site is essential to keeping any project moving. While moving equipment to and from the building location is a part of the normal logistics of any construction project, unexpected breakdowns and failures aren't uncommon. A problem with a critical piece of equipment can easily result in a roadblock that will slow the entire project to a crawl.

Hotshot truckers can help companies deal with these issues by quickly delivering replacement equipment, whether it's coming from a company warehouse or a rental site. Since hotshot trucking revolves around time-sensitive loads, it's typically the quickest way to get essential gear in place and ready to work.

2. One-Off Items

Not everything needed on a construction site comes in bulk. Many structures may require unique, one-off materials such as structural elements, special architectural details, and more. In many cases, getting these materials on-site doesn't make sense until they're needed, especially if they're large or hard to manage.

Utilizing less-than-truckload (LTL) hotshot trucking is a cost-effective way to bring these items to the construction site only when needed. This approach saves on transportation costs and ensures that essential elements of the project are available when they're ready for use.

3. Local Construction Materials

Hotshot shipping is also an excellent way to transport bulk construction materials to a site, especially when those materials are coming from local warehouses or yards. LTL trucking is typically more economical than full truckload (FTL) shipping, so this is an excellent option to save money if transporting bulk materials using a full truckload is too cost-prohibitive.

Ultimately, hotshot trucking is critical to a variety of industries, including construction. The ready availability of hotshot truckers and the time-sensitive nature of their deliveries make them an excellent fit for any project that needs a way to make reliable deliveries on short notice.