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The Latest On Construction

The Septic Tank: Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Septic Installation

by Robert Larson

Are you planning a septic installation? If so, you likely live in an area that does not have a municipal water supply. There are many crucial components of a septic system. The septic tank is one of them. Even though you own your property, there are several things you will need to keep in mind when getting the tank installed. The following points identify the most important things that you will need to keep in mind before you start the installation process. 


Permits are required to install a septic system. The permit will cover all aspects of the septic system. The government requires permits to reduce the chances of a faulty installation occurring. Faulty septic systems can cause waste to get into the soil and nearby water sources where they can cause contamination that can create diseases and conditions that make humans, livestock, and pets ill.

Type of Tank

There are different types of septic tanks. A professional can discuss in detail the differences between tanks. The main thing to take note of is how different tanks decompose waste. All septic tanks require bacteria that decompose the waste. Those with sophisticated designs have mechanical means that can speed up the process of destroying waste. 

Size of Tank

This is a detail that every homeowner needs to carefully consider. The tank size is important because if a tank that is too small for a household's needs is chosen, it will require more frequent pumping. A tight budget might cause a homeowner to choose a smaller tank, but this can lead to a need for a premature replacement. It is worth taking into account whether there might be additional household members in the future. For example, a young couple starting out should take into consideration children they might have in the future.

Type of Landscape

The landscape of a property will usually determine which area(s) a tank can be installed in. Most installers will warn against installing a tank in close proximity to trees. This is because the trees' roots will likely extend into the septic area eventually. They can wreak havoc there. 

Professional septic installation services will ensure that your installation is legal and meets industry standards. You can rely on them to help you choose the correct size tank. They can also aid in choosing the best location for the tank and drain field. Septic systems are responsible for containing a significant amount of waste. This is why it is imperative that these systems get installed and repaired by trained individuals.