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The Latest On Construction

How To Tell It's Time To Hire A Septic Tank Cleaning Service For Your Home

by Robert Larson

Your septic tank is a vital part of your home. It helps trap and treat wastewater produced in your house. However, it is an expensive investment that requires regular inspections and maintenance to keep it in excellent condition for decades. Periodic septic tank pumping is one of the most vital maintenance strategies that you need to observe as a homeowner to improve your tank's performance and minimize the rate of wear and tear. This work should be done by a certified septic tank cleaning service to enhance efficiency. The professionals will remove the solid waste deposits or other materials that settle at the bottom of the tank, which will lengthen its durability. Below are three signs that will help you know it is time for septic tank cleaning.

The Grass Near Your Septic Tank Is Healthier and Greener

Your residential septic tank may be full if the grass near it is greener than in the other parts of your lawn. The pools of water near your full septic tank will fertilize your grass and make it healthier, which will ruin the uniformity of your landscape. Therefore, when you notice any changes near your septic tank, it's advisable to have it inspected by a professional. If it is full, you should have it pumped and cleaned as soon as possible by a certified septic tank cleaning service.  

You Notice Unpleasant Smells in Your Home

As a homeowner, you should also inspect your septic tank if you notice unpleasant odors inside or outside your house. Your septic tank may be full or clogged if the sewage smell is coming from your drains. You will also notice sickening odors in your lawn when your septic tank is full or overflowing. In such a situation, it's imperative to have your septic tank cleaned by a professional to restore freshness and proper hygiene in your home.  

Sewage Is Backing Up Into Your Drains

It's also advisable to have your septic tank inspected by a professional if you frequently experience sewage backups in your home. Your septic tank may be full if sewage is backing up into your drains. As a homeowner, you shouldn't ignore this problem because it may make your house unhealthy for your loved ones. It may also lead to wastewater flooding in your home, which may cause damage to your valuables. Therefore, if you notice this issue, you shouldn't hesitate to have your septic tank emptied by a professional.

As a homeowner, if you notice any of the issues discussed above, you should have your septic tank pumped and cleaned to improve hygiene in your house. Contact a septic tank cleaning service for more information.