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The Latest On Construction

Three Things To Keep In Mind When Organizing Your Kitchen Remodeling

by Robert Larson

Kitchens are rooms that often look great when you move in, but soon after, you may discover small problems within the design. This is nobody's fault, as everyone's preferences for kitchens are different. This is why kitchen remodeling is so popular. Unlike other rooms that you might be less active in, such as your bedroom or living room, kitchens are spaces where you will constantly be interacting with so many different parts of the space, so you should want it tailored to your needs. Here are three things that you should keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen.

Group Spaces Together

Within a kitchen, you want to keep certain items next to each other so that it makes life easier for you and you do not have to be continuously walking around to get every little thing. For example, the dishwasher should be located as close as possible to the storage areas for your plates, bowls, and cutlery, the trash should be accessible from your main workspace, and your everyday appliances such as your coffee machine and blender should be kept out of the way of the fridge and microwave area. This is so that people simply trying to make a single item won't get in the way of someone cooking a full meal. 

Avoid Corners

Corners are an unfortunate reality that you have to keep in mind when planning kitchen remodeling, even though they are basically dead spaces. Do not put anything important in a corner, such as your microwave, oven, or even cups and mugs. Keep items that only get taken out a few times a week there, such as chopping boards, scales, or even something entirely decorative like an indoor plant or cooking books. Make sure that any and all cupboard storage spaces are not located directly in the corner, as these are a pain to use. 

Wide-Open Spaces

It is so easy to underestimate just how much of a walkway you need in your kitchen between you and the countertops (or the island if you have one). Always give yourself more room than you need, as you probably already know by now from living in this house for a few years. People squeezing by one another with hot metal trays, loaded plates, or expensive fine china is a recipe for disaster. It is also best to have wide walkways so you have less chance of banging into things when trying to move and so that cleaning is easier. 

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