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The Latest On Construction

Why You Should Install Engineered Wood Flooring

by Robert Larson

If budget constraints have denied you the chance to enjoy the timeless feel of natural wood floors in your home, installing engineered wood flooring is a great alternative to consider. Wood floors transform your home into a warm haven. Thanks to technology, you can install engineered wood floors to make a statement without breaking your budget.

Indeed, not many people will distinguish the variation between natural hardwood and its engineered counterpart. If you want to make the most out of your engineered wood floors, you must skip your DIY ideas and call experienced floor installers. It's the only way you can leverage its robust power against temperature and moisture in your home. Here are some benefits of engineered wood flooring.

It's Easy to Install

Structural versatility is one aspect that makes engineered wood a popular floor material. It's easy to install over many bases, including concrete. The multi-stacked and reinforced layers install easily over wood or tiles. It's important to work with skilled wood flooring installers. They know how to moisture-proof the surface to ensure the floor's longevity. These floors can be installed using a range of interlocking, stapling, or glue-in methods. You should engage professionals to get the measurements right and deliver quality results.

Improves Floor Functionality

Apart from the incredible appeal, engineered wood is a good choice if you're worried about expansion and contraction. Indeed, it performs better than solid hardwoods. This makes it a good choice for all areas of your home, including parts regularly exposed to moisture. When you mount engineered wood in high-humidity areas, it performs exceptionally. You must ensure professional installation to achieve the functionality levels you desire.

It's Easy to Refinish

After some time, perfectly installed engineered wood flooring can exhibit signs of wear and tear. However, you don't have to worry about replacing the floor. Engineered wood can be re-sanded and restored. The protective top layer allows you to refinish and breathe new life to a floor surface that appears faded or scuffed.

Offers Incredible Water Protection

Your priceless wood flooring takes in significant abuse from pet accidents or beverage spills. If you've installed solid wood, you must ensure that you clean up water, coffee, or wine quickly. When professionals install engineered wood flooring, you don't have to stress over water damage as much. 

It's advisable to research engineered wood products to purchase high-fidelity planks that combine water resistance and great visuals. A floor installer can help you to select planks that prevent water absorption by a large percentage.

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