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The Latest On Construction

Ways To Incorporate Metal Into Your Deck Design

by Robert Larson

Before the construction on your new deck begins, it's important to think about exactly how you want the structure to look. You should plan to talk at length with your deck builder to discuss a variety of ideas. They'll be able to offer you a number of suggestions and help you design a deck that will look the way you want it to. While some homeowners favor decks that are entirely made of wood, others appreciate the inclusion of other materials. For example, you might like the idea of your deck having some metal elements. Here are some ways that your builder can incorporate metal into your deck design:

Metal Railings And Balusters

A common way to include metal into your deck design is to choose metal railings and balusters to surround the structure. While many decks use wooden railings and balusters, opting for metal provides visual contrast. There are all sorts of metal options for these parts, so you can choose something with a look that you like. For example, a wooden deck with black metal railings and balusters can look stylish, while another option to consider is the silver hue of brushed metal. You may wish to choose a look that will match certain elements on the exterior of your home, as doing so can create a sense of unity and consistency across different areas.

Metal Steps

If you want to include metal elements on your wooden deck, metal steps are another idea to think about. Numerous options that can work well are available. Metal stair treads can provide a unique look, while also offering a non-slip surface that you'll appreciate during wet conditions. Another option is metal stair stringers, which are the parts on which the stair treads sit. Stringers in black metal, for example, can be a good match for black metal railings and balusters.

Metal Roof

There are many overhead structures to consider when you're having a deck built. While some people favor retractable awnings, others appreciate the permanent nature of an actual roof. The roof doesn't need to cover the entire deck; one option is to have a roof over part of the deck so that you can enjoy shelter during inclement weather and direct sunlight when the weather conditions are pleasant. A metal roof can be an ideal option, especially if you want to include metal in your deck design. Your builder may even suggest using metal support posts for the roof to create a unified look.

If you are interested in adding a deck to your home, be sure to contact a local deck builder to discuss your project to make sure you get a great deck that fits the aesthetic you want.