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The Latest On Construction

3 Problems Your General Contractor Can Solve

by Robert Larson

Commercial projects can range from small storefronts to massive office complexes and beyond, but they all require significant teamwork. Projects of any scale tap into the talents of a wide range of specialized contractors and administrative staff, with each person playing their part in its overall success. This diversity means that choosing the right person for each role is essential to any successful project.

Nowhere is this more true than in the role of the general contractor. A general contractor may be a single individual or an entire firm. Still, they all serve the same purpose: managing and organizing the endless array of work needed for any commercial construction job. Here are just three problems that these critical individuals can help solve for your project.

1. Cost Overruns

Every project has a budget, but most experienced contractors understand that the price of materials and even labor may change throughout a project. Your general contractor can mitigate these potential cost overruns using several techniques, including negotiating terms for possible price increases with subcontractors and suppliers at the project's outset.

Although no one can prevent all cost overruns, an experienced contractor will help ensure that material and labor costs remain as consistent as possible. If there is a likelihood of a significant budget overage, they can help you to prepare and make adjustments where necessary.

2. Subcontractor Issues

The diversity of skill sets required for any construction project also means that most large jobs involve many individual companies. Each subcontractor on a task represents a potential pain point since these independent companies may be facing their unique cost issues, labor problems, or other internal difficulties.

Your general contractor will work directly with these companies, managing their efforts and working to smooth over any issues they may face. But, more importantly, they can bring in new subcontractors when necessary to remain on schedule or deal with any potential quality issues. This role saves you from needing to micromanage these individual teams on your own.

3. Regulatory Problems

Building a residential structure requires complying with many local regulations and building codes, but commercial facilities are an entirely different ballgame. Experienced general contractors know that they need to routinely inspect and recheck subcontractors' work to ensure its quality and adherence to code. Frequent inspections prevent any problems from slipping through the cracks.

Dealing with these issues saves you from more than just a minor inconvenience, however. Building code problems caught too late may be incredibly costly to correct, leading to severe budgetary overages. A skilled general contracting firm will inspect your project at all construction phases to fix any issues when the cost is still as low as possible. Contact a commercial general contractor company for more information.