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The Latest On Construction

FAQs About Chimney Sweep Services

by Robert Larson

Chimney sweeping may sound like an old-fashioned profession from a bygone era, but if you have a chimney, then you understand that these services are still vital for your safety. You really should have your chimney swept once a year to remove creosote and reduce the risk of a chimney fire. But beyond that, you may not know too much about chimney sweeps and the work that they do. Here are some questions and answers to help inform you on this topic.

How do chimney sweeps clean all of the way down a chimney?

Chimney sweeps usually start on the roof, and they reach down into the chimney to clean it. This is easier than going up from the fireplace, since most chimneys are angled from the fireplace upward, and getting past that angled piece can be hard. Chimney sweeps use a long, broom-like device to reach down into the chimney and basically scrub its interior walls. The bristles on this broom are made from thin metal, so they do a really effective job scrubbing. The sweep may not be able to access the very bottom of your chimney from the roof. If this is the case, they can reach this part from the inside; it just takes more contorting to do so!

Do chimney sweeps do anything other than clean?

Yes! While they are cleaning your chimney, a chimney sweep will also be looking for signs of damage. They will tell you if there are any cracks in your chimney flue or chimney liner. Such cracks could make it dangerous to have a fire in your fireplace, so it's good that you find out about them early! Many chimney cleaning companies can also repair these issues, but if your chimney cleaning company does not offer repairs, they can refer you to someone who does.

Will there be a mess to clean up after chimney sweeping services?

There should not be a mess for you to clean up. A lot of soot will come down into the fireplace as the chimney sweep is working, but they should have set up a drop cloth and other items to catch this debris. Chimney sweeps are generally taught to leave your indoor space cleaner than they found it. Some small debris may get stuck in your landscaping, but that should be it.

Now that you know more about chimney sweeping, you can hire a chimney sweep with confidence.