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The Latest On Construction

Mistakes To Avoid With Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

by Robert Larson

Most commercial property owners know that if they take care of their commercial air conditioning units, they're going to get better cooling performance and deal with fewer issues. Still, there are some property owners that make costly mistakes with this type of maintenance. Here are some you want to continually remember when managing a commercial space.

Leaving a Poor-Performing Unit in Place for Too Long

There are some commercial property owners who are so against replacing their AC units that they'll just leave them where they are continuing to run. Even if they spend a lot of money on repairs, they may just not want to deal with having this system swapped out for something better.

You need to be realistic when your AC unit reaches this point. A replacement may be pretty involved and take more time to complete, but if that means better performance and an easier time with future maintenance, then a new AC unit should be seriously considered and sometime soon.

Not Hiring the Same Repair Contractor

When AC units do need to be repaired by contractors, a lot of property owners will just hire whatever repair contractor is available. That's actually not a smart move from a maintenance standpoint. A better thing you can do is hire the same HVAC repair contractor that you did in the past.

This consistency does make a difference. The same repair contractor will already be familiar with the type of AC unit that's integrated into your building, which means maintenance and repairs will go faster. Hiring the same repair contractor also matters for consistency. You'll get the same quality of repairs that you're already accustomed to.

Being Ignorant About AC Maintenance

AC maintenance around a commercial building doesn't have to be too complex, but there are things you want to understand before attempting to clean and service components. If you don't perform research and just go into this maintenance with ignorance, you could damage the AC unit or really hurt yourself.

Looking over components that are relevant to commercial AC maintenance will keep you out of trouble. You'll know more about what you can and can't maintain over the years as well.

If you want to deal with commercial AC maintenance without putting yourself at risk or your building, then study mistakes that might occur with your own unit. Then you can plan maintenance around them so that you aren't affected. 

Contact an air conditioning maintenance contractor for more information.