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The Latest On Construction

Why Aluminum Is A Great Material For Fencing

by Robert Larson

There are millions of miles of fencing across America, with most properties surrounded by some kind of fence. You can even have different fences on the same property, you can have multiple layers of fencing for different livestock and agricultural plots. Whether you live in the country or the inner city, most houses will have fences, and if yours are looking old and worn out, then it may be time to upgrade them. There are so many different options that it can be hard to pick. Here are a few reasons why aluminum fencing is rising in popularity. 


Metal fences are popular for their strength and customization, but they are also sometimes not considered because they can rust. Rust is very hard to prevent in many different types of metal but, fortunately, aluminum is not one of them. Aluminum has a natural resistance to rust where it is physically impossible for this metal to rust. This means that while it may not be as strong as iron or steel per pound, over time it will last far better, and in a few years of exposure, it will almost certainly be stronger. When choosing a fence, you don't just want it strong now, you want it to last the test of time, which is why aluminum is so sought after.

Much More Malleable

As mentioned above, aluminum is quite customizable, as are all metal fences. However, aluminum is even more customizable because of its lightweight frame and good internal strength. This means you can make highly decorated shapes in a way that steel and iron simply could not be welded into. If you aren't looking for the heaviest or thickest metal fencing, but rather something that looks incredible (while also serving as some protection) then ornamental aluminum fencing might be something you want to investigate.


Fencing often covers vast distances, and this will add up. Every mile of fencing you need will skyrocket your expenses. Wooden fences might seem cheaper, but they are difficult to install and maintain. Aluminum fences are cheaper than other metals while still retaining a very high proportion of their strength and increased aesthetic appeal and rust resistance. This makes aluminum a great all-around performer in the fencing category, great for rich farmhouses to budget inner-city studios. Whatever your position, aluminum fencing should be on your shortlist for potential fencing options. 

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