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The Latest On Construction

The Best Natural Rock For Your Garden

by Robert Larson

Many gardeners use rocks to separate different areas of their garden and to give structure to what can otherwise be a bit of a mess. Of course, choosing the right type of rocks for this purpose is not that easy, and there are many options so it is easy to make the wrong choice. Luckily, there are a few universal options that seem to go with every single type of garden you could be trying to create. Top of that list are river rocks. Here are a few reasons why river rock is better than the competition. 

Natural Look

Because river rocks have been smoothed down by the water from the rivers they were harvested from (hence the name), they have a much more natural look and fit better into the garden than most other types. Some rocks are very clearly cut and formed by machines while others are too frail and small, so they just seem to turn into gravel. River rock will last as long as the house will, if not longer, while still maintaining a truly unique effect that matches the harmony you are trying to create in your garden. If you are trying to avoid having your garden look fake, then river rocks are a must.


River rocks are typically sorted by size, from smaller than an inch to over 3 inches in length. This gives you a lot of variety to choose from. In a more dainty, tiny flower bed, you might need smaller, more petite river rocks. When trying to create the outline of your entire garden, you will probably lean more towards larger, flatter river rocks. The great thing is that both look just as good as each other and there is no dip in quality like you can find with artificially created rocks that don't come in small sizes.


River rocks aren't the cheapest option, but they are good value for what they are. As mentioned above they do not simply break down into nothingness over time; they are as solid as the granite countertops that you probably have in your kitchen. They also do not cost that much. For how much individual rocks can be, this is definitely a bargain and something that you should not skimp out on when designing your garden. 

Visit a landscaping store near you to see if they have river rock available for your landscaping.